Being a schizoid double album and related ephemera by Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino. Out June 2014


Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino
& la Société des Mélancoliques


"I Won't Betray You"
Hommage à Chuck Berry


MILLE PLATEAUX / The year-long performance piece that was inaugurated in Metz in January 2013 under the working title The Year of the Dove before evolving willy-nilly into Mille Plateaux has nearly run its course. A catalogue of collective experience is forthcoming in 2014 (see below), as are two rather more tangible artefacts: a schizoid double studio album Mille Plateaux (recorded piecemeal over the course of the Year in Belgium, France, Scotland, the Netherlands and the United States, and featuring sleeve art by Coyotel initiate and pie-maker Steven Johnson Leyba) as well as a full-length Geistbuch on the late Italian poet, singer and performance artist Piero Ciampi. These items will be delivered to the doorstep of obscurity on the summer solstice, heralded by a European tour and a residency at Luxembourg's contemporary art museum MUDAM.


Performed by /

Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino Voice, 4-, 6- and 12-string guitars, organs, atmospherics
Patrizia F. Bass guitar
Benjamin Meunier Drums, percussion
with Blaine L. Reininger Violin, viola, backing vocals
Luc van Lieshout Trumpet, flugelhorn
and special guest contributions by Alexandre Alquier, Daan Arisz, Jeff F, Gilles Le Guen, Sissy Kotsoni, DC Shell, Todor Stefanov, Joost Verhagen, Lars and Niels van der Weiden, Zack Williams and Richie Wohlfeil.

Written and realized by Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino
Recorded at various locations in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Scotland and the United States


The Astounding
12-String Guitar of
Jorge 'el Dovo' Maldonado


Ο Γιωργος Jesús
Sings Piero Ciampi

Artist bio /

A stateless vagrant in so many ways, this Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino. The expatriate Floridano planted himself in Brussels by way of a lost weekend in Detroit (which lasted no less than a half-decade). It was in the European capital that he assembled his Benelux orchestra, la Société des Mélancoliques, whose ranks include members of the legendary experimental arts collective Tuxedomoon. Otherwise, Dove settled into the city like Bill Burroughs in Interzone: discomfited.

Artistically, too, GtDV has no obvious home, but rather operates in the space between several forms (song-and-dance, performance art, belles lettres and institutional critique) and several genres (torch song, soundtrack, Kraut-rock, country-and-western, surf, lo-fi and high-concept avant-garde). One doesn't paint by numbers here. Dove songs are neither 'rockers' nor 'ballads'; they are extraterrestrial chamber pieces, with passages of glacial, almost abstract meditation sporadically interrupted by apocalyptic convulsion. They might have been written by Martin Gore in Berlin, might have been performed by Bobby Beausoleil in prison and might have been produced by Joe Meek in his bathroom.

Dove's critical essays are inspired in equal parts by Stefan Georg's over-the-top Geistbücher and Michel Foucault's genealogies. Most of these are published in limited edition by the author's own Brussels-based DIY/vanity press Les Éditions Saint-Gilles de Rais and disseminated only at corresponding performances. (Dove is also an arts critic, columnist and occasional hack whose commissioned work can be read weekly in Belgium's English-language print media.)

The result is an insular art, unexpected and mostly misunderstood. Too nuanced, at any rate, to condense into the first ten seconds of a 'demo tape' or the first few sentences of a casual reading-- a grave liability in this age of media saturation. For better or worse, this is an art that offers itself only to the attentive and the expansive, and probably alienates the rest. So be it. It's a rare luxury, I suppose, to be able to select one's audience. Sigh. Pass the bottle.

-- M. Lane Johnson, biographer

High-resolution photos /

Tour dates /

Sat 31 May 2014 | TBA | Cherbourg FR

Wed 4 June 2014 | La Charrue | Châteaubriant FR

Thurs 5 June 2014 | Sympatic Bar | Rennes FR
with Denner

Fri 6 June 2014 | Off Art Rock | St-Brieuc FR
with Denner

Sat 7 June 2014 | Le Bocal | Caen FR

Sun 8 June 2014 | La Cabane Bambou | Trébeurden FR
with Denner

Wed 11 June 2014 | Celtic Pub | Tarbes FR

Fri 13 June 2014 | The Museum | Lasgraisses FR

Sun 15 June 2014 | Black Sheep | Montpellier FR

Thurs 19 June 2014 | La Féline | Paris FR

Sat 21 June 2014 | Maison de la Création | Brussels BE
Special programme: A Summer Solstice/Record Release Situation
with Grey Lotus

Thurs 26 June 2014 | TBA | Amsterdam NL

Fri 27 June 2014 | Patronaat | Haarlem NL

Sat 28 June 2014 | TBA | Rotterdam NL

Wed 2 July 2014 | MUDAM | Luxembourg City LU
Special programme: SCHIZOID HAPPY HOUR(S) II:
The Potions, live from Detroit (via remote)
Being a product of Triangular Trade

Wed 9 July 2014 | MUDAM | Luxembourg City LU
Special programme: SCHIZOID HAPPY HOUR(S) III:
A Sea of Frowning Faces

Wed 16 July 2014 | MUDAM | Luxembourg City LU
Special programme: SCHIZOID HAPPY HOUR(S) IV:
Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino & la Société des Mélancoliques

Thurs 17 July 2014 | MUDAM | Luxembourg City LU
Special programme: SCHIZOID HAPPY HOUR(S) V:
Ο Γιωργος Jesús Παπανικολοπουλος Sings Piero Ciampi

Wed 23 July 2014 | MUDAM | Luxembourg City LU
Special programme: SCHIZOID HAPPY HOUR(S) VI

Wed 30 July 2014 | MUDAM | Luxembourg City LU
Special programme: SCHIZOID HAPPY HOUR(S) VII

La Société des Mélancoliques
Photo credit: Ivan Put

Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino
Credit: Fabienne Cresens

Videos / Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino & la Société des Mélancoliques

Ο Γεωργος Jesús Παπανικολοπουλος Sings Piero Ciampi

Catalogue of plateaux /

Previous releases /

Plateau I Brussels, 6 Dec 2012
Debut performance of Dove's minimalist tribute to late Italian singer Piero Ciampi, with accompanying Geistpamphlet Poète Maudit / Part Maudite. The 'side project' is a radical break from previous practice: Dove sings Ciampi's songs in the original Italian (which he can neither understand nor speak), accompanied only by piano and trumpet. There are three people in the audience. (Subsequent performances will be slightly better attended and Dove will rechristen the set Ο Γιωργος Jesús Παπανικολοπουλος Sings Piero Ciampi to avoid being mistaken for an Italian himself.)

Plateau II Brussels, 8 Dec 2012
Following a post-soundcheck altercation with a seedy Greek bar owner, la Société des Mélancoliques and touring Dutch group Grey Lotus pull out of a scheduled Brussels concert. They hastily conceive, organize and perform the inaugural edition of the performance festival Greek Lemonade at a canal-side squat the same night.

Plateau III Metz, 25 Jan 2013
The official start of the extended performance piece Year of the Dove, la Société play a basement in Paul Verlaine's hometown.

Plateau IV Brussels / Edinburgh, 1 Feb 2013
Digital release of Excerpts from Edinburgh, a live Société set recorded in the Scottish capital by Murray Ramone the previous summer.

Plateau V Brussels / Detroit, 17 March 2013
As a gesture of solidarity with long-time friend and collaborator Dan Augustine, Dove records an exclusive minor-chords-only version of the Peter and Gordon hit 'World Without Love'. The track airs on episode 6 of Augustine's Detroit-based radio show Only a Cover Song. Pseudonymous video artist St.-Gilles de Rais also edits a novelty clip featuring a black screen with the mantra 'THIS CONTENT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION' interspersed with text quotes from Jonathan Kaplan's 1992 thriller Unlawful Entry.

Plateau VI Caen, 23 Mar 2013
Presentation of the Geistpamphlet Beau Brummell à la rencontre du parricide Pierre Rivière at a Société performance in the Norman city where the disgraced Regency dandy spent his final years of exile and where he was interred.

Plateau VII Rome, Easter Sunday 2013
La Société's planned anti-pasqua tour of Italy is aborted when modern-minded promoters in Rome dismiss Dove as an Italian schlager singer and instead book a slew of touring American groups. Irony is registered only in certain quarters.

Plateau VIII London, 27 Apr 2013
La Société unveil an extended 17-minute version of '"I Won't Betray You"' at the London happening At Home with the Ludskis, with accompanying screen projection and Geistpamphlet "I Won't Betray You": Milton, Nietzsche, Berry.

Plateau IX Brussels, 26 June 2013
Dove reviews honorary Société members Grey Lotus in the weekly Belgian newspaper Flanders Today, comparing the Haarlem post-folk group to '70s Genesis, Talk Talk and Nico.

Plateau X Brussels, 17 July 2013
First edition of Schizoid Happy Hour(s) features two live sets, one by Georgio 'the Dove' Valentino & la Société des Mélancoliques feat. Blaine L. Reininger and the other by Ο Γιωργος Jesús Παπανικολοπουλος Sings Piero Ciampi.

Plateau XI Livorno, 23-26 Aug 2014
Pilgrimage to Piero Ciampi's Livorno, which will later feature in Dove's list of recommended travel destinations for Brussels expats. The story runs in the European institutions' most-read newcomer guide. Other suggestions are similarly off the beaten path: Luxembourg (home of Société bassist Patrizia F) and Haarlem (Grey Lotus HQ).

Plateau XII Lasgraisses, 30 Aug-5 Sept 2013
Week-long residency at the Museum. Here DC Shell helps record the first tracks earmarked for the double album Mille Plateaux.

Plateau XIII Trébeurden, 6 Sept 2013
La Société make crêpes with Gilles Le Guen's mum in a cabane on the Côtes-d'Armor.

Plateau XIV Edinburgh, 25 Oct 2013
Dove reads/screens It's a Funny Religion When You Pray 'Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man, Play a Song for Me', his multidisciplinary collaboration with video artist (and Orange Juice bassist) David McClymont and the late Greg Gibbs, at the monthly Edinburgh literary event Neu! Reekie! With accompanying Geistpamphlet of the same name.

Plateau XV Edinburgh, 31 Oct 2013
La Société perform a bal masqué with underground Scots legends the Leopards (formerly Paul Quinn's Independent Group). Dove joins the latter during their set to sing Paul Quinn's 'Stupid Thing'.

Plateau XVI Amsterdam, 9 Nov 2013
Mille Plateaux recording session at Daan Arisz's Up the Attic Studio on the fringes of the Dutch metropolis. Dove is accompanied here not by la Société but Grey Lotus.

Plateau XVII Brussels, 19 Dec 2013
GRKLMND2, or the second annual edition of Greek Lemonade, doubles as a meditation-cum-celebration of the contemporaneous Greek Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Dove confirms his crypto-Greek identity (via San Juan, New York and Palm Beach-- it's complicated) by authoring the accompanying Geistpamphlet Greek Lemonade under his given name Γιωργος Jesús Παπανικολοπουλος.

Plateau XVIII West Palm Beach, 30 Dec 2013
Mille Plateaux recording session at an improvised studio built into a redneck sports bar. The space, barely insulated, is situated between the main hall and kitchen. Consequently the recordings capture the sound of a rowdy afternoon bar crowd and gator-tail nuggets in deep fry.

Plateau XIX Amsterdam, 19 Jan 2014
Dove and his 12-string guitar accompany fellow Société member (and Tuxedomoon co-founder) Blaine L. Reininger at a performance in a disused concrete church. In the context of the iLLUSEUM's Wonderbaarlijke Winterreizen.

Plateau XX Brussels, 17-22 Feb 2014
Week-long residency at the Maison de la Création, where Dove and la Société begin to put the finishing touches on Mille Plateaux.

Excerpts from Edinburgh Live in Scotland
Digital download | Feb 2013

1. I Wish We Were Insects
2. You Wear Wistful Well
3. The Japanese Dream
(B.L. Reininger)
4. I Won't Betray You
5. Sunshine
(M. Newbury)

Entre les Marolles et Saint-Gilles
b/w The Damage Is Done

7" | Unaffiliated | Aug 2012
A. Entre les Marolles et Saint-Gilles
B. The Damage Is Done

Au pays de Manneken-pis Unplugged in Bruges
Limited edition, hand-stamped CD | Jan 2012
1. Your Poison Is Out of My System
2. You Wear Wistful Well
3. Rejection Is Hard to Accept
4. 2MF
5. Suicide Note
6. Sunshine
(M. Newbury)

The Sorrows of Young Georgio
10" vinyl | Unaffiliated | Feb 2011
A1. Your Poison Is Out of My System
A2. You Wear Wistful Well
A3. Rejection Is Hard to Accept
B1. 2MF
B2. Suicide Note

You Brought a Knife to a Gunfight
CD | Tom Perkins Entertainment | Dec 2007
1. It's Only Pride (But It's Mine)
2. Here I Come (And There You Go)
3. She's Got Eyes in All the Right Places
4. You Brought a Knife to Gunfight
5. I Won't Betray You
6. Come Out Fighting
7. The Stranger

She's Got Eyes In All the Right Places
b/w Bête noire

7" | Tom Perkins Entertainment | Feb 2007
A. She's Got Eyes In All the Right Places
B. Bête noire

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